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AC Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter PMAC770H for Power Quality Analysis

AC Energy Meter

AC Three Phase Multifunction Energy Meter PMAC770H for Power Quality Analysis

1. 0.5S/0.2S Measurement Accuracy

2. 31st / 63rd Harmonic analysis, Voltage deviation, Frequency deviation, Unbalance, Current K factor, fluctuation and flicker, transient disturbances

3. Monthly Maxim Demand Statistic

4. Device Running Time Statistic

5. Current 5A / 1A settable

6. LV/MV voltage system, Rated 3×57.7/100V & 3×220/380V

      Main Documents

      Compatible Software

      PiEMS System1vwd

      Smart PiEMS System

      Product Introduction

      • PMAC770H Three Phase Multifunction Power Meter is designed for monitoring and displaying all kinds of electricity parameters.It's widely used in low voltage and medium voltage distribution/automation system.

        XGate6 provides the main functions as below:

        1.Data Collect Function
        .Support Modbus_RTU, Modbus_TCP device
        .Max. 40,000 data points, per device aver 200points 
        .Max.4 RS485 parts, each port support 60 slave devices
        .2A,4DI,1DI Port as optional

        2.Data Transmit Function 
        2 Ethernet ports, 1 GPRS for data transmit 
        .Support Modbus_TCP protocol 
        .SMS alarm notice
        .Support HTTP(s) XML and JSON forwarding format

        3.Alarm Function
        .Multiple alarm setting for each device
        .Real-time alarm data transmit 
      • 4.Embedded Web Server
        .Embedded HTTP web for configuration
        .Provide Real-time data view, Cloud service Logs
        .Support remote configuration and debugging
        .Support remote config file update
      • 5.Data Logging & Storage
         .Build-in SQL data base,
         .Historical data & alarm records storage
        .Standard 8GB TF card (Max Support 32 GB)
      • 6.Other Functions
         .Online system update, Authority management
         .Build-in clock, NTP for timing synchronization




      Rated Working Parameters Rated Power Supply AC85-265V~50/60Hz or DC100-300V
      Power Consumption <10VA
      Rated Input Current 5A(Compatible 1A)
      Rated Input Voltage 3x57.7/100V、3x220/380V 40Hz~70Hz
      DI Input [External Power Supply] External provide power supply 220Vac±35%,220Vdc±35%
      DI Input [Internal Power Supply] PMAC770H internal power supply,30VDC
      Relay Output Capacity:250Vac/5A,30Vdc/5A




      Parameter Accuracy Direct input Voltage Phase-Phase 10V~400V/Phase-N 10V~690V


      Primary Voltage Max.650kV


      Direct input Current 5mA~6.5A


      Primary Current Max.50000A


      Frequency 35Hz-65Hz


        EMC Working Environment Temperature:-25℃ -+70℃,Humidity:5%~95%,no condensation
      Insulation properties Power Frequency withstand Voltage 4000VAC,Insulation Resistance≥100MQ
      IP Level Front Case:IP54


      Reference Standard


      Electromagnetic compatibility

      Electrostatic discharge immunity GB/T176262-2006(IEC61000-4-2:2001)

      Level 4

      Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation immunity GB/T17626.3-2006(IEC61000-4-3:2002)

      Level 4

      Fast transient burst immunity GB/T17626.4-2008(IEC61000-4-4:2006)

      Level 4

      Surge immunity GB/T17626.5-2008(IEC61000-4-5:2005

      Level 4

      Immunity to Conducted Disturbances Induced by RF Fields GB/T17626.6-2008(IEC61000-4-6:2006)

      Level 3

      Electromagnetic Emission Limits GB 9254-2008(CISPR22:2006)

      Class B