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DC 240V Branch Circuit Power Meter SPM207 with 42 Circuits for DC Load Management

DC Energy Meter

DC 240V Branch Circuit Power Meter SPM207 with 42 Circuits for DC Load Management

1.Module design, separate Main module, CT module, Digital Input module, can fulfill different technical requirement

2.7 Inch HMI human-computer interface, good visuality and operability

3.No extra secondary contact, each DI/DO switch has separate status indicate light

4.Can measuring main income and branch circuit line insulation

5.Can measuring one channel temperature.

6.Relay alarm function, can record more than 5000 pieces alarming information

7.Measuring the KWH on 2 loop incoming and each outgoing circuit, fulfill energy management requirement

8.Adopt the DC hall sensor

9.RS485 communication, Modbus-RTU protocol

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      Compatible Software

      PiEMS System1vwd

      Smart PiEMS System

      Product Introduction

      • PilotSPM207 Branch Circuit Power Meter is specially designed for monitoring Power supply distribution cabinet in DC Load Management, Data Center Power Manage, Telecommunication Power Manage, and DC Insulation Resistance Monitoring, which can monitor incoming circuit and branch circuit parameters, DI/DO status, fulfill monitoring for power supply distribution cabinet and alarming for abnormal voltage and current information. 7 inch HMI with system chart display which can best fulfill visuality and operability, customer can choose 21 to 84 branch circuit by load quantity. This PilotSPM207 also provide extra RS485 communication port which can easily connect with other systems.
        SPM207 Branch Circuit Power Meter with module design which including Main module, Branch circuit hall sensors, Branch circuit insulation monitor , Digital Input module, HMI module. The Branch circuit insulation monitor include main unit , insulation monitor hall sensor.
        SPM207 provides the main function as below:
        1.Measuring: 1 main circuit + 42 branch circuits, Hall sensor zero point calibration
        2.DI: 4 status input (dry contact)for Main breaker and Lightning protection switch
        3.DO: 2 relay outputs for alarm, 1 pulse output
        4.Settable Pre-Alarm function: Main circuit: Alarm for voltage(lo-limit, hi-limit), current(lo-lo-limit, lo-limit, hi-limit, hi-hi-limit),breaker status. (Option alarm for Insulation resistance (lo-limit) and temperature) Branch circuit: Alarm for current (lo-lo-limit, lo-limit, hi-limit, hi-hi-limit), breaker status. Option Insulation resistance
        5.Communication: RS485, support Modbus-RTU protocol
        6.Optional Hall Sensor input for Main circuit: 100A, 200A, 400A, 600A, 800A, 1600A
        7.Optional Hall Sensor input for Branch circuit: 50A, 100A, 200A
        8.Hall sensor zero point calibration
        9.Optional main and branch circuit status monitor
        10.Temperature and isolation monitor
        11.Historical kWh record: kWh yearly consumption of last 10 years, kWh monthly consumption of last 12 months


      Main circuit 1 circuit,three phase AC 220V/380V   Demand Demand Interval:15 mins Slip interval:1 mins
      Branch circuit Max.54 circuit per unit
      Power supply AC 220V,range:85~264V   Communication RS485 port Baud rate:2400,4800,9600,19200,38400 (optional)
      MTBF ≥50000h   DI module Main Income Circuit 4Dl:Dry contact DI module for branch circuit:wet contact,220Vac Range:70~120%,or Dry contact (optional)
      Service life 10 years
      Rated voltage AC 220V Range:10%~120%,Accuracy:0.5%   Relay output   capacity 250Vac/5A or 30Vdc/5A
      Marin circuit rated current 5A via CT,CT primary to 2000A Range:1%~120%,Accuracy:0.5%   IP index Main Module:IP20 HMI (Front board):IP65
      Branch circuit rated current 50A~600A up to the CT Range:1%~120%, Accuracy:0.5%   Insulation   Resistance ≥100MΩ  IEC62052-11
      Active power and Active energy Main circuit Accuracy:1% Branch circuit Accuracy:1%   Environment Operation:-10℃~+55 ℃ Storage:-25℃~+70 ℃ Humidity:5%~95%,non-condensing
      Rated frequency 50Hz,Range:45~60Hz,±0.01Hz