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Din Rail-Mounted IoT Smart Gateway XGate6-Lite with 1 Ethernet port Max. 64 devices and 1,000 data points

Smart Gateway

Din Rail-Mounted IoT Smart Gateway XGate6-Lite with 1 Ethernet port Max. 64 devices and 1,000 data points

1. Powerful Data Collecting & Forwarding Function

Automation collection and multi transmit mode, support Modbus TCP, JSON,  XML, HTTP(s), can connect to various cloud software and system.


2. Effective and Reliable Data Storage and Management

 Build-in SQL, Two-way communication and packet verification, support JSON & XML data packet continue transferring from breakpoint.

3. Convenient Batch Configuration, Debugging & Update

To suit distributed deployment &Ethernet management in loT system, especially large scale system with cloud management.

      Main Documents

      Compatible Software

      PiEMS System1vwd

      Smart PiEMS System

      Product Introduction

      • XGate6-Lite is a gateway, providing connection of wired or unwired smart IoT devices to edge control software or cloud application. Connect most of Modbus RS485 and Modbus TCP devices from the market including Power Meters and Protection Devices.
      • XGate6-Lite intelligent/smart gateway be widely used for different smart device data collection and analysis, to fulfill automated management and maintenance. To monitor each device real time running status and provide alarm notice on the problems which caused in the process of usage, greatly reducing the manpower, material and other maintenance costs.
        XGate6-Lite provides the main functions as below:
        1.Data Collect Function: 
        .Support Modbus_RTU, Modbus_TCP, DLT645, IEC103, CJT188 device 
        .Max. 1,000 data points, Max. 64 devices 
        .Max.2 RS485 parts, each port support ≤32 slave devices

        2.Data Transmit Function 
        .4G wireless data transmit
        .Max. 1,000 data points, Max. 64 devices 
        .Support HTTP(s) XML and JSON forwarding format
        3.Alarm Function
        .Multiple alarm setting for each device
        .Real-time alarm data transmit
        .SMS Alarm

         4.Data Logging & Storage
        .Build-in SQL data base
        .Max. 12 months Historical data & alarm records storage(hh:mm:ss) .SMS Message Record
        .Standard 8GB TF card (Max 32 GB Mirco-SD TF card)

         5.Other Functions
        .Online system update, Authority management
        .Build-in clock, NTP for timing synchronization





      COM Part Port No./Port Type R2 RS485 Port,Support Modbus_RTU,Modbus_TCP,DLT645,IEC103,CJT188 protocol
      Baud rate 1200bps~115200bps (Optional)
      Data Transmit Mode Master Made
      Support Connect IED Quantity ≤32pcs (2xRS485,Max 64 Slave device)
      TF Part(Standard) Part No./Part Type 1 Part,Standard 8G (Max.32GB Micro-SD TF card)
      Ethernet Port (Standard) Part No./Part Type 1 Parts,10/100M
      SIM Port Pot Na./Part Type 1 Port,4G SIM card (Dimension 15mmX25mm)
      Network *LTE FDD Band 1,3,5,8     *LTE TDD Band 34,38,39,40 *WCDMA Band 1,8         *GSM 900/1800MHZ ·
      Hardware CPU:Mipsel 580MHz   Structure Color: Black
      Memory:DDR 128MB 4 Indicate Light: Indicate Run,COM1,COM2
      Flash: Nor flash 32MB Installation:DAN Rail Mounting
      MTBF:>=50,000 hours Size(L*W*H) :98.2*63*68mm
      Power Supple Input:AC85-265V or DC80-300V   Environment Working Temperature -15℃~+55℃
      Consumption:<5W Storage -25℃~+70℃,5~95%@non-condensing
      EMC   Oscillatory waves immunity test Electrostatic discharge immunity test Radiated radio-frequency electromagnetic field immunity (RFEMS) Testing and measurement techniques -Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test Surge immunity test Radio frequency interference immunity Power frequency magnificent field immunity test Electromagnetic emission limits Power frequency immunity IEC61000-4-12:1995,Level 3 EC61000-4-2:2001.Level 3 IEC61000-4-3:1998.Level4 IEC61000-4-4:1998,Level 3 IEC61000-4-5:2005,Level 3 IEC61000-4-6:1998,Level 3 IEC61000-4-6:2001,Level 3 IEC60255-25:2000,Pass IEC61000-4-8:2001,A


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