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DIN Rail-mounted Motor Protection and Control Device PMAC811 suitable for three-phase AC asynchronous motor with rated voltage of AC380V or AC690V.

Motor Protection Controller

DIN Rail-mounted Motor Protection and Control Device PMAC811 suitable for three-phase AC asynchronous motor with rated voltage of AC380V or AC690V.

PMAC811 intelligent motor protection controller is a new generation of enhanced

high-performance motor protection device which integrates motor protection, measurement, information management, communication and control functions. It is

suitable for three-phase AC asynchronous motor with rated voltage of AC380V or AC690V. He replaced the commonly used dispersed elements in the motor control center (MCC), greatly simplifying the control loop of the motor, improving the reliability and advancement of the motor control, and reducing the comprehensive application


      Main Documents

      Compatible Software

      PiEMS System1vwd

      Smart PiEMS System

      Product Introduction

      • The controller adopts modular design, small size, compact structure, expandable, easy to install, and can be installed in 1 / 4 drawer cabinet. It consists of main body, CT module, leakage module and expansion module (special order required).
        PMAC801A provides the main functions as below:
        1.Measurement .Three phase current, ground current, three phase current imbalance rate, average current, positive sequence current, negative sequence current, three phase line voltage, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, active energy, positive sequence voltage, negative sequence voltage, three phase voltage unbalance rate, three phase current harmonics, three phase voltage harmonics etc.
        2.Protection .Starting overtime, starting over current, overload, tE time, stall, phase failure, imbalance, quick-break, grounding, under load/power, external failure, under/over voltage, Phase sequence, TV disconnection, negative sequence protection etc.

         3.Maintenance .Record 256 recent event information (32 events of each type, total 8 types), record event type, occurrence time, characteristic quantity; cumulative total running/stop time of motor, current running/stop time, total stop and trip times, maximum starting time/current etc.

         4.Control .Communication control, dangling power control, restart controlled by time-shared or in batch

         5.Communication .2 channel RS485 interfaces, Modbus-RTU communication protocol. Support to expand Profibus-DP communication, DI/DO quantity, AI, temperature detection etc.
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        1.Integrated motor protection, control, measurement, metering, management and communication among PMAC811 series intelligent motor protection controller

         2.Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electricity, metallurgy, steel, paper, textile, cement, municipal industrial etc

         3.Suitable for low voltage motor applications with AC380 / 690V rated voltage, 50 / 60Hz

         4.Replace discrete components in the motor control center (MCC), greatly simplify the motor control loop, improve the reliability and stability and reduce the comprehensive cost

         5.Adopt modular structure design with small size, compact structure, strong versatility, easy installation and operation

         6.Record 256 Events, accurately trace back to the failure reason

         7.The AC contactor can be blocked when has extremely large short-circuit current, achieve complete protection of the MCC circuit by driving circuit breaker by the product internal relay 

         8.With strong and reliable RS485 communication interface, can undertake AC380V strong electricity without damage

      Dimension & Installation


      Current Transformer Specification



      Working Power AC85-265V,DC100-300V Power /Electricity accuracy ±1%
      Power Consumption <8W Working Temperature -20-60C,10-90% Non-condensing


      Measurement Accuracy 50%-200%le,±0.5% Storage Temperature -40-80 C,10-90% Non-condensing


      50%-150%Ue,±0.5% Implementation Standards GB14048.4-2010, GB/T 14598.303-2011