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DIN Rail-mounted Motor Protection  Multi-Channel Energy Meter PMAC801A for 3 Phase 4 Wire

Motor Protection Controller

DIN Rail-mounted Motor Protection Multi-Channel Energy Meter PMAC801A for 3 Phase 4 Wire

PMAC801A intelligent motor protection controller is a high-performance motor protection device integrating motor measurement, protection and control functions into one. It is applicable to the normal three-phase AC asynchronous motor with the rated voltage of AC380V or AC690V, and this product replaces the diverting device usually used by motor control center (MCC), thus significantly simplifying the motor structure of control circuit, improving the reliability and advancement of motor control and reducing overall application costs.

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      PiEMS System1vwd

      Smart PiEMS System

      Product Introduction

      • PMAC801A adopts the modular design and split-type installation, with small size, compact structure, ensured extensibility and convenient installation and can be assembled into 1/4 drawer. It is divided into three parts, i.e. main body, CT module and display module.
      • The main body and CT module of PMAC801A is in split design and the smallest complete system consists of main body, display module and dedicated CT module, with fixed dimension for the main body and 2A, 6.3A, 10A, 25A, 50A, 100A, 250A, 400A, 500A and 820A for the dedicated CT module


        1.Lower Voltage MCC
        2.Integrated process and electrical control
        PMAC801A provides the main features as below:
        1.Measuring: 1 main circuit + 42 branch circuits, Hall sensor zero point calibration 
        2.DI: 4 status input (dry contact)for Main breaker and Lightning protection switch 1.With the modular design, this product consists of main module, CT module and display module; 2.Over 21 protection functions can be provided;
        3.The three-phase current, grounding/ leakage current, current imbalance rate, three-phase line voltage, frequency, power factor, active power, Reactive power, active electrical degree and many other electrical parameters concerning to the motor circuits can be measured;
         4.With built-in direct startup mode, bidirectional reversible startup mode, star/delta startup mode, auto transformer startup mode and many other startup modes, users could independently select corresponding settings based on the startup ways of the motor;
         5.The controller body can provide 9-circuit switch inputs, for the inputting of such signals as start-stop signal, reset signal and contactor state;
         6.By providing 5-circuit relay outputs, this product can satisfy many startup ways and protection actions, together with protection tripping (or alarm) signal outputs;
         7.Provide 1-circuit 4-20mA analog output for DCS, with many parameters selectable;
         8.Support one-circuit 4-20mA analog input, one-circuit 4-20mA analog output or one thermal resistance input (refer to ordering information for specific model selection);
         9.With 32 times of event logging, record device operation data and relevant information at the time of fault; 10.Maintenance and management are convenient and display module or communication software can be used to detect various parameters including electric parameters, motor's operation states, fault information and stopping times;
        11.The flexible restart function can realize various startup demands based on parameter
        12.settings in case of short-time power outage of the motor's main circuit.
        13.Installation is convenient, with standard 35mm DIN Rail-Mounted, simple wiring and pluggable terminals;
        14.The communication is redundant, with 2-circuit Modbus communication and supporting PROFIBUS communication protocol; 15.With wide power supply design, AC or DC power supply is in common use.


       Protection   Start Overtime   Yes   Measure l,In,l_avg.,I_unbal   Yes
        Start Over-current   Yes U,P,Q,PF,F,kwh,I△n   Yes
        Over current   Yes Control Starting Control   Yes
        Current unbalance   Yes Re-start Control   Yes
        Overload   Yes Self-start control   Yes
        Under load   Yes DI 9 Dl in main module   Standard
        Under load   Yes DO 5 DO in main module   Standard
        Short circuit   Yes COM MODBUS-RTU   Standard
        Earth Fault   Yes Profibus -DP or another MODBUS-RTU   Optional
        Eex e overload (tE)   Yes
        External fault   Yes AO One 4~20mA DC analog output   Standard
        Over voltage   Yes Al One 4~20mA DC analog input   Standard
        Under voltage   Yes SOE Latest 32 event records   Standard
        Under power   Yes SOE Total running time period   Standard
        Phase Sequence error   Yes Present running time   Standard
        TV open circuit   Yes Total stop operation time   Standard
        Wring Checking   Yes Present stop operation time   Standard
        Overflow fault   Yes Total stop operation time   Standard
        Temperature (PTC/NTC)   Optional Total trip times   Standard
        Leakage current   Optional Longest starting time   Standard
        Analog Input   Optional Max.starting current   Standard