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Exhibition Preview:First Exhibition in 2024!Efficiency meets innovation with Pilot smart energy technology at 8th Battery&Energy Storage Indonesia


Exhibition Preview:First Exhibition in 2024!Efficiency meets innovation with Pilot smart energy technology at 8th Battery&Energy Storage Indonesia

2024-02-28 21:33:32

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Basic information of the exhibition


10:00 AM – 06:00 PM (6-7 March 2024)

10:00 AM – 04:30 PM (8 March 2024)


Jakarta International Expo, Jl. H. Benyamin Sueb, Kemayoran Jakarta 10620

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Hall D- D1B3-05

Pilot Technology is set to make a significant impact in the energy storage industry with the launch of its cutting-edge C&I Energy Storage Solution at the upcoming Battery&Energy Storage Indonesia exhibition in Jakarta from March 6th to March 8th,2024. This international event promises to be a groundbreaking platform for showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in the field of energy storage.

The highly anticipated unveiling of Pilot's C&I Energy Storage Solution is expected to revolutionize the way businesses manage and optimize their energy consumption. With a focus on efficiency and sustainability, this innovative solution is poised to set new standards in the industry.

Moreover, victors can look forward to exciting developments in the popular EV Charger series, with exclusive new offers tailored for the Southeast Asian market. These advancements aim to enhance accessibility and affordability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, driving the region towards a more sustainable future.

Additionally, the live demonstration of Smart Energy integrated with the Energy Management System will provide attendees with a firsthand experience of how these technologies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and boost overall efficiency for businesses. By showcasing the practical applications of these solutions, Pilot Technology aims to empower enterprises to make informed decisions that benefit both their business operation and the environment.

Join us from March 6th to March 8th in Jakarta as we pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future through innovation and collaboration. Contact us to get free visitor pass and surprising gifts.

Exhibition Products Showcase

battery energy storage solution bess ess application(1)vj9

Commercial & Industrial BESS Pilot PL-ESS-100/232-0.4-L

PL-ESS-100/232-0.4-L offers max.232kWh. We have delivered sorts of projects covering most of the commercial applications such as demand charge management, PV self-consumption,fuel saving solutions, micro-grid and off-grid options.

Pilot PL-ESS-100/232-0.4-L features:

Save construction cost: In remote areas, off-grid energy supply systems are often more cost-effective than connecting to the grid.

Ensure reliable power supply: The "wind + solar + diesel" hybrid architecture, combined with energy storage system, ensures power supply continuity and improves power quality.

On-site consumption of wind and solar energy: Utilize the energy storage system to fully absorb wind and solar resources, maximizing energy savings and emission reductions.

Flexible deployment and expansion: Highly integrated cabinet design allows for quick deployment, reduces on-site debugging and installation workload, and allows for flexible expansion.  

Get More:Peak Shaving and Valley Filling, Grid Off-switching, Demand Management, Solar-Storage Integration, Demand Response/VPP

ac ev charger type 2 pevc21079l0

PEVC2107E-the perfect home charger for every EV, including your Tesla

PEVC2017E AC EV Chargers – versatile solutions tailored for both home and business settings, available in wall-mounted and stand-mounted options. These chargers are designed for easy installation and operation, combining a sleek, elegant aesthetic with top-notch equipment performance and comprehensive safety features.

With an IP55 protection level, they offer superior dust and waterproof performance, along with Type A+6mA DC leakage protection for precise charging data measurement. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these chargers support multiple charging modes, including plug-and-play, swipe, and APP charging. They also boast compatibility with Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, and 4G communication functions, ensuring steadfast and uninterrupted connectivity.

Rest easy knowing that both series are CE-certified for your peace of mind. Elevate your charging experience with the PEVC2017E – setting the standard for safety, reliability, and user-friendly convenience.

energy management system power quality meter pmac780h8s0

PMAC780H Power Quality Analyzer- Smart Energy Management Digital Assistant

Make sure you don't miss a thing 

The PMAC780H power quality meter may help your business with the following aspects:

1、reduce energy and operations costs

2、improve power quality, reliability and uptime

3、optimize equipment use

4、for optimal management of your electrical installation and greater productivity.

About Pilot

Pilot, a leading global provider in the field of digital energy solutions, with the mission of "Smart Electricity, Green Energy",Pilot Technology devotes to exploring self-developed hardware devices, edge gateways, software platforms, and intelligent algorithms. Mainly provide IOT energy metering products and energy management services in Public Buildings, Data Centers, Healthcare, Education, Electronic Semiconductors,Transport, Industrial enterprises, etc.