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Pilot Empowers Solar Energy Growth at SolarEX Istanbul 2024


Pilot Empowers Solar Energy Growth at SolarEX Istanbul 2024

2024-04-09 00:00:00

Istanbul, Turkey, April 4-6, 2024 —SolarEX Istanbul, is the first and the only solar-energy-themed fair which provides a chance for Turkey to take important steps in the direction of being a production center in the field of solar energy. Pilot made a grand display at the As a leading global provider of smart energy solutions, Pilot made a grand display by showcasing the latest innovations, covering the EV Charging station with PV Power & Battery Energy Storage System, and Energy Management System, to customers in Turkey.

Explore Ultra Fast Charging experience with optimized PEVC3107E for EV charging solutions

Pilot presented its latest ultra-fast DC charger for commercial application, offering power ranges from 60kW to 160kW, all compliant with international standards, and compatible with all EV brands. Features of multi-directional protection, user-friendly operation, and smart connectivity make PEVC3107E the top choice for local EV Charging stations. At SolarEX, we released an updated smart energy solution: the EV Charging Station with PV Power & Battery Energy Storage System, integrated with Energy Management System. 

Must-have Accessories in Energy Storage 2024

Looking ahead in 2024, TrendForce anticipates the global energy storage installed capacity to reach 71GW/167GWh, marking a 36% and 43% year-on-year increase, respectively, and maintaining a robust growth trajectory. Energy storage provides a solution to achieve flexibility, enhance grid reliability and power quality, and accommodate the scale-up of renewable energy. Pilot cares about every watt count, and empowers the stability and efficiency of energy storage, monitoring devices have the functions of anti-countercurrent, bidirectional measuring, power quality analysis, and data transfer, covering from DC to AC, single phase to three phases, din rail to panel meters. We have offered PV power solutions with multiple projects worldwide.

Highlights of pilot at solarex istanbul


About Pilot 

Pilot, a leading global provider in the field of digital energy solutions, with the mission of "Smart Electricity, Green Energy", Pilot devotes to exploring self-developed hardware devices, edge gateways, software platforms, and intelligent algorithms. Mainly provide IOT energy metering products and energy management services in Public Buildings, Data Centers, Healthcare, Education, Electronic Semiconductors, Transport, Industrial enterprises, etc.

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