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Pilot Business DC EV Charger PEVC3401 30kW

DC EV Charger

Pilot Business DC EV Charger PEVC3401 30kW

PEVC3401 is a high-power DC charger. It has excellent adaptability and compatibility, can be installed indoors or outdoors and meet a variety of charging needs. It provides All-round security protection and supports multiple communication.


Connector:CCS Combo 1/ CCS Combo 2

Output Power:30KW/40KW

Communication: Ethernet/4G

Precision: Meter With 1% Accuracy

Protection level:IP54, IK10

Start Mode:RFID Card or APP


Charging protocol:OCPP 1.6J

Certificates: CE, RoHS

    • t1cc1eqq
    • t1cc2dpy
    • t10au

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    Compatible Charger Connectors

    • Supports widely used charger connectors, including CCS1, CCS2 and CHAdeMO.

    Multi-directional Protection

    • Multiple protection mechanisms, IP54 rating, dustproof and waterproof.

    Smart Connectivity

    • Seamless integration with smart systems for efficient communication and control. Optional RFID/App etc. for your family identification and management.

    User-Friendly Operation

    • Easy to install and operate, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience for home users:
    • View charging data and status;
    • Set up various charging configurations, charging current, monitoring mode, etc;
    • Scheduled charging;
    • Firmware update;


    Project:DC EV Charger PEVC3401E/30kW/32A/CCS2/WiFi+4G+Bluetooth,4.3 Inch LCD
    Application:Roadside Assistance Charging Solution
    Location: Thailand


          Power Input Model PEVC3401 Series
    Input Type 3-Phase
    Input Wiring Scheme 3P+N+PE
    Rated Voltage 400VAC±10%
    Max.THDi 5%
    Min.Power Factor 0.98
    Grid Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
      Power Output Output Voltage 150-1000VDC
    Max.Current 100A
    Rated Power 30kW
          User Interface Charge Connector CCS2 Plug(CCS1 Plug Optional)
    IFD Indicato Green/Blue/Red,Progress Indicator
    LCD Display 4.3"Touch Color Screen
    RFID Reader ISO/IEC14443 RFID Card Reader
    Start Mode RFID Card or APP
    Communication Backend Ethernet,Optional:Cellular/WiFi/Bluetooth
    Charging protocol OCPP-1.6J
                Safety and  Certification Energy Meter DC Meter With 1% Accuracy
    Residual Current Device Yes
    Internal FUSE Yes
    Ingress Protection IP54
    Impact Protection IK10
    Cooling method Fan Cooling

    Max.Operating Noise Level

    Electrical Protection Over/Under Voltage Protection,Over Current Protection,Short Circuit Protection,Over/Under Temperature Protection,Lightning Protection,Ground Protection
    Certification CE

    Certification and Conformity

          Environment Mounting Wall-mount/Pole-mount
    Storage Temperature -40℃-+75℃
    Operating Temperature -30℃ -+50℃
    Max.Operating Humidity 95%,Non-condensing
    Max.operating altitude 2000m
        Mechanical Product Dimension 640mm*160mm*550mm(W*D*H)
    Package Dimension 808mm*438mm*748mm(W*D*H)
    Weight 80kg(Net)/85.7kg(Gross)
    Accessory Cable holder,Pedestal(Optional)


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